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Coaching is above all a story of human relationship

In coaching business, I have noticed for some time that more and more coaches are trying to niche their business too much. Niching is good, but we need to be careful not to be guided only by mass marketing.

👉Coaching is first and foremost a human relationship.👨‍💼 

The goal of coaching is to help people develop themselves around one topic. We should not forget that there is a human relationship between coach and client. Clients are looking for an honest relationship with their coach first. If we specialize too much in one particular subject, the client will think that we are not good in other areas. In this case client will have no choice (as more and more coaches specialize) to go from coach to coach depending on their topic. Here we lose the human relationship between coach and client and of course the trust.

👉Coaching must be a holistic approach.💡

Moreover, there is no personal development focused only on one topic. Our personal development is complex and all the issues we want to develop are intertwined. By taking a more comprehensive coaching approach, we can better support our client in all aspects of their life.