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Building Better a relationship through Personal Development

People choose a person for a relationship based on different factors that are important to them.

Physical and emotional attraction often play a significant role in choosing a partner. People are drawn to individuals whom they find attractive and with whom they feel a strong chemistry.

Although physical attraction may diminish over time, maintaining a strong and thriving relationship requires the activation of different mechanisms.

On one of my previous posts, I emphasized the fact that both lovers need to cultivate emotional intimacy… (Cf post 👉

There is another important aspect that lovers must be attentive to. It’s their own (and partner’s) lines of development and their ability to understand and appreciate the perspectives of both themselves and their partner.

To do that they need to understand the principles of the lines of development and quadrant from Integral Theory (Ken Wilber).

Lines of development: They represent the various dimensions of our being, such as cognitive, emotional, moral, and interpersonal, which evolve and expand over time.

Quadrant: It represents different perspectives or lenses through which we can understand and examine reality. They provide a framework for looking at phenomena from multiple angles and considering various dimensions of experience.

By knowing from which quadrant, we (and our partner) are oriented, we can see how our partner sees her/his environment. It’s crucial and can help you to put your feet in her/his shoes.

Lines of development will help you to “Fill the gap” between your level of development and your partner level (if you have a lower level of development) or help your partner to fill the gap (If you have a higher level of development).

You will ask me why do you need to fill the gap?

Because the key to a long-lasting relationship is growing together….

Beside lines of development there are also some other important works such Shadow work, Enlightenment work and showing up work. All are part of Integral approach of relationships.

If you are alone but willing to develop yourself for future relationships, if you are in a relationship but struggle to keep love going, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help you to work on any of those aspects for a long and better relationship with your partner.