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The power of transforming Subject into Object in Integral Coaching™ and the benefice to your personal development

A powerful (psychologically underpinned) concept in Integral Coaching™ is the shift in perspective from subject to object that occurs during the coaching process. This change in perspective allows the client to become an observer and see things (their through, behavior or actions) from the outside. The transformation of the subject into an object is fundamental to understanding ourselves and it’s the cornerstone of any change that leads to the development of new competencies.

💡From the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, we would say that the unconscious becomes conscious (to quote him, “As long as you do not make the unconscious conscious, it will dominate your life and you will call it destiny.”). It’s the alchemy of our soul in full action.

🚀 How does this alchemy take place in our consciousness?

There are two factors that help transform the subject into an object in Integral Coaching™ and create this alchemy.

👉The first factor is the metaphor.

The etymology of the word metaphor can be traced to the ancient Greek word metapherein meaning “to transfer” Meta in itself was a prefix used to convey an idea of change of place, order or nature.

Metaphor here is design to help the client to be in someone else’s shoes (but as the coach think the client behave) and see his topic from a different perspective (The perspective of the ‘Great Hiker”, the “Nurturing Mother”, the “kind-hearted chess master teacher” ….)

🌟 The choice of this metaphor is very important. The coach can only suggest a metaphor to the client. It’s up to the client to say “yes”, that’s me. The metaphor must resonate in the client for the alchemy to take place.

👉The second factor is the SOE (Self Observation Exercises).

SOE (Self Observation Exercises) will allow the client to observe their current way of Being in their topic. This means that the client will be able to see their throughs, behavior, action as an object and be aware of them. This awareness is an important step on the way to developing new skills (if there is no ‘real time’ awareness, nothing can change.

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