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The Power of shifting perspective

Adapting and Evolving in a Multicultural Environment

Are you working in a foreign country or for a foreign company? Do you work in a multicultural environment? Are you living with a foreigner? Do you have foreign friends?

You have found that it is not always easy to communicate with a person from a different culture. In practise, frustration caused by cultural differences can lead to anger, breakdown of relationships with colleagues, poor business results, or conflict in families. Cross-cultural coaching can help people avoid these cross-cultural pitfalls and help them understand and leverage cultural differences for better business efficiency or relationships.

Living abroad for more than 15 years and working with people from many different cultures (for 23 years), I know very well what challenges people face on a daily basis. I have developed a special coaching method based on Integral Coaching® (by ICC, Integral Coaching Canada, certified by ICF, International Coaching Federation) to support people working or living in a multicultural environment.

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What will you get?

  • Taylormade program made just for you and only for you, which include a total of at least 6 sessions (call or face-to-face)
  • A complete session based on knowing your strengths and weaknesses and clarifying together your expectations (primary development goal)
  • A minimum of 3 development cycles with, for each, a clear development objective agreed upon by both of us based on your expectations
  • Taylormade practices. I never use the same method twice. I believe we are all different and unique, so there are as many practices as there are many people
  • Your State of Art program will be based on Integral Theory (quadrants and lines)
  • A full report of your coaching program (approximately 30 pages) that includes a list of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your primary development goal, detailed underdevelopment goals, practices and reflection questions, and future development goals
  • A complete change of perspective in relation to your goal
  • And finally, perhaps the most important – > An honest and dedicated coach

The Core of Cross-cultural Integral coaching

Cross-cultural Integral coaching has a unique process of coaching which you cannot find in any other coaching method

I help you identify patterns associated with your cultural approach and biases, and guide you to recognize your “Current Way of Being”

I help you understand your “Current Way of Being” and help you grow a seed to develop new muscles for your “New Way of Being”

I help you embody change. Since every primary development goal is different, I want individuals to build muscle and evolve to meet future challenges

What will you gain from my coaching program?

Executive & management skills : I help my clients to focuses on how to create cross-cultural team synergy, implement new ideas, and deal with company-wide change in a multi-cultural environement

Performance skills: I help my clients to develop skills that are specific to meeting the objectives of your current job in a multi-cultural environement

Success skills: I help my clients to identify an objective that aligns with their career goals

Communication skills: I help my clients to improve their communication skills with foreigner to success in their current or new job or relationship

Intuitive skills: I help my clients to release past blockages and trauma

Relationship skills: I help my clients improve their relationships with their families, friends, and even business partners in a multicultural environment.

Transformational skills: I help my clients to identify how they can take action towards life they really want

The roadmap to cross-cultural integral coaching

Hi, I’m Laurent!

Human development is transformation that lies in the unity of body, heart, mind, and spirit (holistic) are very close to my heart. I believe that the world needs our artistic, creative spirit and the sensitive aspects to come alive and shine.

I am Laurent, born in France and living in China since 2007.

My passion for technology (and creation) has led me to lead and manage several high-tech companies in China. I earned my degrees and diplomas and served as technical director, general manager and managing director for many years.

However, several years ago, I began to hear a quiet voice inside me that sometimes grumbled and called for a different purpose in life. During my professional career, I have met people from different backgrounds and countries, with different personalities, different lifestyles, different aspirations, goals, etc. I learned a lot from them, and I must say that it changed my life. I decided to embark on a long journey of personal development myself. I am now a certified Integral Coach (from ICC, Integral Coaching Canada) and Personal and Transpersonal Coach, supporting people in their development.

If you have questions or if you want more information please don’t hesitate to contact me

If you are interesting in Transpersonal coaching please visit my website here: MyTreeOf.Life

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