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“Man, who willingly sacrifices his well-being for wealth, eventually sacrifices his wealth to restore his well-being.”

This quote is not from me, but a famous eastern philosopher and spiritual leader.

My father this year is 75 years old. He started working when he was 14 years old, as many people do during the 60’s. He worked at a car shop for all his life, mostly in the same car shop. He worked hard not only during weekdays but also the weekend to pay the bill and to save money for the future.

Today he is retired, has a pension, and gets rental fees from real estate he owns (bought from his sweat).

However, in his early retirement, he got one cancer and heart diseases which left him to have open-heart surgery. Both health issues left him handicap and not allow him to walk more than 50 meters (slowly) before been too tired. I haven’t listed all the minor issues concerning his muscles, bones, ears, and so forth.

My father never thought that his health was important (physical and mental health). He only thought earning money was the key to happiness.

Here is he today.

It’s not worth risking our mental and physical health just to become wealthier.

As an Integral Coach, we really get the importance of taking care of and developing four key areas in our everyday lives:

1 – Body: Body: This is all about getting healthy body! We’re talking about doing exercises like lifting weights, doing cardio, and stretching, as well as paying attention to what we eat and making healthy choices.

2- Mind: It’s all about expanding our knowledge and sharpening our thinking here. We’re into reading, learning new things, and working on our cognitive skills. Mental training is also on the menu to boost our mental abilities.

3- Spirit: This is where we tap into our inner self. We’re all about meditation and exploring our spiritual side. It’s about finding that sense of peace and connection within ourselves.

4- Shadow: Don’t be scared, this is about diving into our deep thoughts and emotions. We’re talking about therapy that helps us understand our subconscious, working with dreams, and using cool techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to transform ourselves.

As Integral Coach I use the AQAL model to deeply explore each core element and assess the levels of development within them. This model includes Quadrants, Levels, Lines, States, and Types, which are used to gauge the individual’s developmental progress.

When working with clients, I take into consideration their current level of development in each core area and their specific life goals. From there, I customize practices and strategies that are perfectly suited for them.

I bring to the client lifelong change for holistic growth and transformation. By nurturing and developing the body, mind, spirit, and shadow cores, individuals can unlock full spectrums of their lives.

Feel free to reach me out if you want to have a clear understanding of your levels of development. I offer the first consultation.