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Every growing system receives its growth from someone other than itself.

This derives directly from the second law of thermodynamics (the entropy state of the entire universe as an isolated system always increases with time) – > If you want to grow, you can’t do it within your system, you have to get it from another system.

This applies perfectly to personal growth (i.e. personal development).

While personal development is the tools that get you where you want to go, personal growth is the benefits of your actions.
So, if you want to grow, you need to get growth from someone else.

4 ways to grow:

👉 Personal life experience – > Learning from doing – > This can be painful at times.
👉Knowledge (book, video…) – > Putting your knowledge into action is a great way to grow!
👉Help from a mentor or a coach – > This is my expertise through Integral Coaching ®! Together we design your path to personal growth, and I help you put it into practice.
👉Connection with a higher entity (God, Cosmos…) through inner work – > This is also my expertise through Transpersonal Coaching! I accompany you on your inner journey.

💡 Choose your method wisely and remember that personal growth is a result of your actions, so learn it and do it!